Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

8th Annual North American Tea Conference


All interested companies should contact Priscilla Obeada at:

(212) 986-9415 or pobeada@teausa.org

*sponsorship payments can be made with check or credit card*

Planning for the 2017 North American Tea Conference is in the final stage and, by early indications, will be a very well attended event. We are pleased to bring you a program that will be relevant and immediately useful to all delegates in attendance.

Scottsdale, Arizona has much to offer including a beautiful hotel, fine dining, and an array of entertainment and sightseeing options; however, these benefits come with a considerable price tag. In order to offset some of the costs associated with putting together this type of program we must depend upon the generosity of our members. Sponsorship establishes your company as a true friend of the industry. All sponsors will receive:

*Prominent credit in the official North American Tea Conference program guide

*A listing on the Tea Association of the USA website in conjunction with the event.

*Company name will be displayed on signage during that event and you will receive recognition from the podium for specific event sponsorship.

Tuesday, September 12th

Gold Medal Tea Competition

$10,000 (Exclusive) or 2 Sponsorships of $5,000

Scottsdale Lunch Tour

1 Sponsorship of $3,000

Welcome Cocktail Reception

$10,000 (Exclusive) or 2 Sponsorships of $5,000

Wednesday, September 13th

Producers, Packers and Importers Breakfast

2 Sponsorships of $5,000

Networking Lunch

2 Sponsorships of $5,000


1 Sponsorship $2,000, 1 Sponsorship $1,000

Chairman’s Reception

2 Sponsorships of $2,000

Chairman’s Dinner

$10,000 (Exclusive) or 2 Sponsorships of $5,000

Hospitality Suite

2 Sponsorships of $2,500

Thursday, September 14th

Buffet Breakfast

1 Sponsorship of $3,000

Morning Tea Break

1 Sponsorship of $1,000


Audio Visual

3 Sponsorships of $3,500

Delegate Gifts

1 Sponsorship of $1,000

Speakers Gifts

1 Sponsorship of $1,000

Golf Prizes

Multiple Sponsors for $300 each

Tote Bag Sponsor

1 Sponsorship for $2,500